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Introducing my very first group project for my Fashion Design class at @miamifashioninstitute! I worked along side @fangfangruose, @vlackbook, and @ely.zeth and together we created 3 garments, but a total of 5 pieces! Each garment is meant to be worn by more than one person. We had to create a business and what we ended up cultivating was Harmonia, a convenient and multifunctional street wear brand for the modern parent. I created a convertible baby carrier vest that is meant to hold a child and double as a cute vest, the tail meant to fold over is detachable and can be worn with and without it. @fangfangruose created the puffer vest duo that connects a parent and a child through a belt that keeps them together. @vlackbook and @ely.zeth worked together to make the puffer jacket duo that connects a parent and a child through a zipper that connects the sleeves. Let me know what you guys think! I’m super satisfied with this project and the people that I got to work with!

Here's a look at how the project turned out!

Convertible Baby Carrier Vest

Presented as part of a tailored ensemble, the black Convertible Denim Baby Carrier Vest can be matched with coordinating jacket and shorts. With besom pockets and self-covered zipper for a refined finishing touch, the design takes cues from men's sartorial look. Includes a beautiful detachable tail which converts to a baby carrier attached with buckles on the lapel.

Puffer vest duo

Infused with the label’s signature dark romanticism and urban styling. This AW21 is made from a collision between women’s and men’s clothing, being the gap between gender clothing much smaller. Presenting this black padded waistcoat from Vlackbook featuring a high standing collar, a front zip fastening, a fashionable belt connecting both garments together, bringing a bonding from Parent and Child to new level.

Puffer Jacket Duo

Long sleeve insulated quilted nylon jacket in black and red. Zip closure at front. Zippered cuffs. Heart Shaped Pocket. Logo pattern satin lining in black. Black-tone hardware. Duo sold together with connecting sleeves.

Check out the fake website that they made as well. It's pretty cool!

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