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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic we have been busy doing our part to make fabric masks to help combat the spread of germs. We started making mask because we heard that Saluscare was in need of face masks to provide to their health care professionals. Since that day we have been contacted by many media outlets to share our story. The latest story comes from the Miami Dade College Forum Magazine.

Here is a partial text of the story that they posted in their publication.


Conquering the ‘New Normal’ in Ways Big and Small

As the world continues to change around us, Miami Dade College is stepping up without skipping a beat. No institution of higher learning could have anticipated all the challenges posed by COVID-19 -- from basic health and safety concerns across eight campuses to the

“how-to’s” of teaching the largest student body in the country remotely. But with grit, boundless energy and open hearts, the MDC community – 60 years in the making -- has conquered obstacles big and small.

Consider these benchmarks, all proof of the extraordinary MDC response:

• Brave alumni fill the front lines in hospitals, ambulances and patrol cars throughout South Florida, putting public health and safety first.

• More than $49 million in federal and private funds are being made available to students to ensure they can start or finish studying, providing pathways to new careers as tens of thousands of people lose their jobs.

• Thousands of tenacious MDC faculty members transitioned 4,200 courses to online learning formats on two weeks’ notice, keeping learning on track.

Compassionate MDC students are sewing protective masks, distributing food and writing thank you letters to heroes – even while graduates miss out on their commencement ceremonies – to help others in need and to expand their learning experience into the real world. That’s all on top of finishing their classwork.

Regardless of how the “new normal” takes shape, it’s clear that MDC is fulfilling its mission of providing opportunity and lifting lives across Greater Miami.

“We are pleased MDC can be a source of support at a time when the world is going through so much uncertainty, providing needed resources to our students and our community,” said Interim President Dr. Rolando Montoya.

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Thank you to the Miami Dade College Forum for reaching out to us!

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