Miami Fashion Student Makes Masks for All - ONLY $8.00!

The coronavirus has truly hit everyone hard in one way or another. Now officials are recommending the public wear face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After making, donating and shipping 276 face mask to medical professionals, family and friends Olivia and her mother and sister are now unable to continue doing this for free. They still want to do their part in helping out where they can so they are now selling face mask to the public. They are only ask for a small fee to help out with materials and shipping. They are taking orders now so please check out their shop and order your face mask. #Mask4All #FaceMask #oliviamcateer #oliviamcateerfashiondesign #ilisemcateer #sivamcateer#sivamcateerdesigngroupllc

Yakao and Ly Yang (aka: Grandpa and Grandma)

Thank you for the girls from Florida make the masks for us!!!

Lada (aunt) and Brock

We love them!

Ladi (aunt) and Corey

Thank you McAteer girls!!! Your all so talented! Love you all!

Shannon Baker

Loving my face masks....thank you Siva Yang McAteer and your girls for thinking of me! They’re perfect and sooooo my style!

Phongsy Buckhalten

❤Shot out to my lovely friend Siva Yang McAteer for the homemade masks from Florida. If I can't wear these at work, I'll wear them at home. Thank you so much! ❤

Chee Ngiateng

Ob daim khwb qhov ncauj (masks)no yog Siva McAteer xa puag nram Fort Myers tuaj rau wb Lawv cov Niam ntxhais xaws tau ib cov mus pab neeg es kuv pom kuv thov kom nws xa ob daim tuaj pub rau wb os ua tsaug ntau2 nawb mog

These masks are sent from Siva McAteer in Fort Myers to us. She sewn these and I asked them to send two pieces to me. Thank you very much.


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