Fashion Design Finals

As a fashion design student at the Miami Fashion Institute, I have to design and construct garments throughout the semester. These following pictures are my finals for a few of my classes during my second semester at school, enjoy!

Clothing Construction 2 Final

This is my final for my Clothing Construction 2 class this semester! We were tasked with making an innovative button down shirt with a pattern that we previously copied and made earlier this semester. I unfortunately did not get to copy that exact pattern, but good thing I have plenty of commercial patterns at home that I could use. I decided to innovate my shirt by making the collar a ruffle collar, rather than a standard one, I made the closure an invisible zipper, rather than buttons, and I made cape sleeves, similar to my Fashion Design 1 final. I’m extremely happy with how this final turned out and I can’t wait to wear it again!

Patternmaking 2 Final

This is my final for my Patternmaking 2 class this semester! We were tasked to make a corset from home and this is what I came up with. I pleated the fabric before I laid down my pieces and I also tilted my pieces so that the pleat lines would run diagonally. I added a pleated peplum on the bottom because the pattern that I had was pretty cropped and to tie everything together. The pleating honestly took hours to do, but hard work pays off! I’m not too fond of the color, to be honest, it’s not really my style, but I love the way that I treated the fabric, and how it turned out in the end.

Fashion Design 1 Final

This final is for my Fashion Design 1 class and the theme was “Escape.” The idea was that we could interpret the word escape however we wanted. I decided to focus my “escape” on my culture. I am Hmong. The Hmong people are basically like a nomadic tribe of people that don’t have a country. They escaped danger and oppression by running and fleeing from those who were trying to kill them. What inspired me to do this as my final was a Hmong story cloth, as well as traditional Hmong clothing. What appealed to me most on the story cloth was the 3 rivers that can be seen in the middle, which is why I incorporated them on my design. I spent 20+ hours embroidering the wavy trim that sits on the wrap dress, attaching the trim, and attaching the skirt by hand. I am extremely happy with how this final turned out and I hope that I’ve been able to inform some people of who and what I am.

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