Contradiction. Look #1

And finally introducing my very first collection: Contradiction! This is look 1 out of 4 and it consists of a dusk mauve organza underdress and a black laser-cut neoprene slip dress. The underdress has a hand-pleated collar, large leg of mutton sleeves, and a floor-length triple layer ruffle skirt. The slip dress was laser cut at @mdcollege ‘s own makers lab (@makerslabmdc) at the @mdcwolfson campus.

My inspiration for the title of my collection being “Contradiction.” was due to the very definition of the word itself. A contradiction can be described as a combination of features of a situation that are opposed to one another.

For example, I utilized mainly neoprene and organza, two very different fabrics, both in weight and appearance, I utilized the negative space with with laser cutting and the sheerness of the organza, and I took a modern, technological take on vintage looks.

I also noticed how the word itself had enough ”holes” in it to utilize all the shapes that are present in the pattern. In this look specifically there is even a contradiction in the way that you are able to see the body under the dress through the holes left behind by the laser cutting. Also for this collection, I was inspired by the garment that I made in my third semester, the pattern and the shapes are the same, but I recreated that idea into a whole new collection. I want to give a big thanks to everyone who’s supported me through my journey here at @miamifashioninstitute, I would not be able to do it without you guys! I’d also like to thank @annedouge and @fangfangruose for helping with this shoot!

Please stay tuned for the next few looks coming soon!

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