An Introduction

Hello everyone, I’ve noticed a lot of new faces as well, so I was inspired by@weylieto introduce myself to all of you, new and old!

🎐 My name is Olivia McAteer (pronounced mac-ah-tier), I’m 18 years old, and my birthday is September 6, so I’m a Virgo ♍️, to all you astronomy lovers

🎐I have 1 sister, we’re 11 months apart, we’re super close, she takes almost all my pictures, she’s the best, and 5 step-sisters

🎐I come from a super creative family, my aunt’s an artist, my mom is a graphic designer (@sivamcateer, hit her up for some work), my sister is going to major in advertising, etc.

🎐I’m Hmong, which are basically nomadic hill people scattered throughout South East Asia

🎐I was born in Minnesota, I moved to Florida in seventh grade, and I currently live in Miami 🎐I got best hair in high school and I’m still proud of that 💁🏻‍♀️

🎐I’m a Bright Futures Scholarship recipient and I did the IB Programme all throughout high school 🎐I’m currently attending the Miami Fashion Institute (@miamifashioninstitute) at Miami Dade College (@mdcollege) and I love it there! I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many new friends!

🎐I love sewing, I’ve been sewing for about 6 years now and I constantly try to incorporate something that I’ve made into everything I wear (I crocheted this@cw_katykeene/@lucyhaleinspired tie btw, dm if interested) (I also made this beret, but I’ve already posted about it) •commissions are always open btw

🎐I love anime/anime films, reality tv, like The Amazing Race and Big Brother, and documentaries (Netflix documentaries have been so good in quarantine tbh)

🎐My favorite food is sushi 🍣...always

🎐I love traveling, mostly for the food tbh

🎐Some of my favorite Youtubers to watch include@weylie@withwendy@coolirpa@thenavarose@a.y.a__@best.dressed🎐If you’ve read until here, thank you so much for getting to know me better! I’m so thankful for your support!

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